Monday, August 08, 2011

Sketchbook doodles done around March.
I still prefer the pencil to the stylus, nothing beats it in my opinion.

I apologize for neglecting the blog, I do have some of my latest work that I am preparing to post.
A big thank you for anyone who has stuck around this long!


Sam Amanfi said...

it's been a minute...i like these guitar themed sketches. nice and loose.

Ken said...

Will always be a fan of your work Braden. I also agree about the pencil to the wacom (though I enjoy both too)...nothing beats the portability and comfort of pencil, sketchbook, and people / places to observe and capture.

Braden said...

Hey guys, thanks for stopping by!

Ken, I'm definitely glad to see you've kept up the pencil work yourself. Love the quality of your work man!