Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finished this up just in time! Woo! FANEXPO.
I recorded most of the process while I worked on it, which you can watch below.

Pinup Painting Process from Braden Poirier on Vimeo.


Ben said...

awesome! its cool to see the process, its magic

Monica de Moss said...

Holy Frig - adding colour is not some simple process of using a brush and staying within the lines is it .. I didn't realize that there was so much work involved. The end results are amazing though. You rock - good luck at FanExpo - wish we were there!

Braden said...

Hahaha, Thanks Ben! You're way too kind!

Thanks Monica! Well it certainly can be that simple, it all depends on the look you want to go for! Thank you, I wish I was back on the east coast. ;)