Monday, November 28, 2011

Haven't done any personal digital work for a while, so I figured I might as well do something productive tonight.

The " Black is NOT a Colour" Art Show will be held at the Artflow Gallery from December 1st through 18th. Featured at Artflow Gallery will be 15 local artists from the animation industry, exhibiting one of a kind works. The theme of the show is colour, with each artist producing works based on a particular colour that dominate the pieces. The open house will be held from 8-11 PM on Thursday, December 1st.
 Featured Artists include:
Darren Ward
Kyle Marshall
Josh Gay
Diamond Dave Merritt
Steve Lambe
Jessica Borutski
Braden Poirier
Dave Badour
Gord Coulthart
Tyler Platt
Kathleen Benson
Tom Pajdlhauser
Dana Pouteau
Jason Hickman
*Poster by Darren Ward

My Submission to the "Black is NOT a Colour" art show.  I'll be attending the open house, so feel free to stop by and say hey.  While you're there you can check out the plethora of fantastic work that will be on display!

About the piece:

I'd been itching to do some work in traditional media, so I took this as an opportunity to push myself into some not so familiar territory.  I decided to break out the ink and brushes, and used a combination of ink, ink wash, and watercolour to paint this.  I'm not the most confident with a brush, but it definitely feels incredibly satisfying to push some ink around with them.  It looks pretty damn awesome in a frame with some sexy matting around it though!   I'll try and get a higher res scan up at some point.  I apologize for the terribly lit photo.