Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The CAP'N makin it happen. You wouldn't believe how many times I heard that while working on this. Or would you... ? Dun dun dun.

Finished up this bad boy in time for fan expo! One more to go.


Fraeya said...

hey Braden, these are totally sweet ! If I make it to fan expo this year I'll be sure to stop by your booth. Cheers ! Have fun :)

Mark said...

Wicked Capn! The Kirby influence is starting to show which can only be a good thing! Keep up the awesome work!

Braden said...

Thanks Fraeya!

Thanks Mark, I've definitely been hitting the Kirby books a lot lately. I did pick up the new Toth book and the Robert Fawcett LD book though (still need to get his new illustration collection book), so they both may start showing up more in my work again. Enjoy France!