Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A selection of sketches and gestures from the 2008 Royal Winter Fair that is happening this week. I love the place because it reminds me of the early childhood days of being around my grandparents old farm. Back then I hated it, but I look back on it as something I am thankful for and now fondly remember.

Removed the Action Analysis as I've heavily retooled/timed everything. Will upload the new version at some point in the future.


Mitch K said...

Your horse gestures are absolutely lovely!

And that animation is funny! and well animated. Your poses are super clear and comical! You're getting good, because I can tell exactly what's going on in this animation without there being any sound!

eunzi kim said...

maybe u can separate your step and your hit a little more? just push it a bit more. like how batters will step and that really sells the anticipation to hit it really hard and far? well.. i guess it doesn't have to be THAT pushed.. but even a bit more i think can sell that hit better =D

Braden said...

Mitch, thank you, but you need to bust your ass and get us some new drawings/animations! Miss seeing that stuff.

Angela, just fixed that today actually, DQ beat you to it. ;)