Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I will bring this design to life at some point. Gotta break the 3/4 left side habit.

Ahem... poorly drawn anatomy studies. :)

Superboy, with inbetweens. Still quite a few problems, but it was just nice to be able to animate something.

And Finally, a rough pose test for my Action Analysis project. Im starting to get comfortable with the design but need to work out the timing, and strengthen some poses/attitudes.


Andrew Murray said...

love that baseball player,man.

The superboy is cool, like hell youre a way better animator than I, but couple of things I noticed, was that his one foot is nailed into the ground, and he is having trouble moving it. and the other thing, now this is my take on it, just a minor thing, he's acting more like Batman, than Superman. I dunno which one you are going for but I think it would be really cool if the audio for it was like, " I am the terror of the night, The dark defender of justice, I'm...." and that's where he falls flat and loses comes back to reality.
But really awesome stuff, Dont know if youre gonna keep working on it, but Awesomeness.


Giorgio Mavrigianakis said...

Bro the ladies, fn' smookin bro!

Johnny Koester said...

does he blow something up with his eyes in there? he's got the eye pop and hand gesture right for a laser beam-age right?

Sanatan said...

Superboy is great. love the timing contrast when he grabs whatever he grabs. really fluid. inspiring:)

eunzi kim said...

love what u've posteD =D

the only thing i can say with the super boy for now is the rhythm of the entire sequence is a little *predictable*? i can see what you're trying to Do with the whole emphasize the main beat... but u can still vary it a bit. u have about 4.. so if ur sequence was a whole note, then u have 4 quarter notes u can have maybe 2 or 3 quarter notes an some eighth notes. or some quarter half notes. if u get the music theory thing. basically mix it up ever so slightly, so that the beat isn't so obvious. =D

Mitch K said...

Hey SuperBoy looks great! One technical thing: His left hand seems to get stuck and jitter for a few frames when he opens his hand (around 0:04). That's kind of subtle stuff that takes some sensitive drawing (which you have!).

Your cape looks really good. I love the folds. I think that when the kid first fans out his cape, it should be a little grander. Just a punch-up on the excitement, a little! Maybe draw the cape a little more broad before it falls and settles.

That is one good solid piece of animation, though! Very nice lines, very smooth movement. I'm impressed!

Oh yea, and: GIRRRLLLLSSSS YES!!!!!

Jamie said...

The superboy kid is so smooth! Wicked, man.

Sam Amanfi said...

disregard the critics on this man..really inspirational stuff. u r probably one of the stronger animators in ur year. i'ma go draw.

Sam Amanfi said...

Hey just curious, is that wax pencil u using. ur lines are so similar to that of glen keane. I read somewhere he uses wax or carpenters pencil.