Thursday, January 10, 2013

My submission for the pixel culture art show at the Alternator Art Gallery here in Kelowna, BC.
I obviously am a big Metroid fan, so I settled on showcasing some Samus versus Ripley action.  Not as dynamic per say  as the previous post, but this one felt more "complete" so I submitted it instead.

Just wanted to say thank you to Jessika Von Innenbrener and Cale Atkinson for inviting me to take part in the show and for going beyond the call of duty in bringing the show to life.  Opening night was insaaaaaanely cool, and everyone that will be in town before the 24th of January should definitely check it out.  

You can find Jess and Cale on twitter as @Jessikavon and @2dCale.  Follow them and check their work out! Awesome stuff!


Kyubum Lee said...

so good.

Mitchel Kennedy said...

Awesome awesome awesome!! :D

Andrew Wilson said...

so great man, i'd love to see you do a metroid comic in this style. so sick!

Adam Temple said...

Kelowna?? Are you there now?