Thursday, October 28, 2010

Latest progress on this puppy.

Edit: Added the final. Lots of things I'm unhappy with but time to move on and start something new. Thanks for the comments you guys (and gal). :D


Perry Linton Joseph Osuna said...

Hey Braden the pic is hot and the demo reel looks good. hope all is good with u guys . Stay fresh!!!

gela said...

woahh.. so awesome!!!
will u be mad at me if i say i like the first one better? i was wondering why i liked it better.. and i think overall light and shadow-wise it was much easier to read.
the monkey getting poned - his arm kinda gets lost... i think cause in the first one you had a bit of light coming off his chest/belly and it was a little more clear...

also, i'm a sucker for dramatic lighting. HAHA!!

just sayin dude!
i hope you're doing well!! ur stuffs is so good! madness!

Braden said...

Hey Perry, Thanks for stoppin by!

I like the one without the planet better myself Angela. I was just having fun trying out some different shit with photoshop though, no biggie. :)

Yeah some nice Chiaroscuro or film noir heavy lighting is the best. Thanks for stoppin by Angela! Good to hear from ya.