Monday, June 16, 2008

The Man of Steel Cont.

I figured I should make a new post for this update. Free time hasn't been around much, but I was finally able to make some progress on this baby. I added some twist to Superman, which I think strengthens the pose further and makes it more dynamic. On top of that, I wanted a simpler, bolder version with more appeal, as opposed to an over rendered musclebound Superman.

Still need to tighten the perspective on the buildings, but thats the easy part.

Thanks to everyone who has commented so far.


Adam said...

This is turning out pretty damn good man.

agnes said...

Woaow! I like the decision, to me when you decided to simplfy the drawing it became more of an action drawing then a character one...Ok, i hope this makes sense to more then just me :B

Mitch K said...

Oh yea! The twist on the body really helps the pose. That one little change really brought a lot more to the piece.

I kind of liked the tension in his face in the first drawing you did. I always liked when super man was a super-human, instead of a an all powerful super-being where everything comes easy.

Super awesome work, man! Good to see you updating! :D

EL GRANDE said...

Great ideas. Can’t wait to see more.

Anonymous said...

more chest maybe? such an improvement tho!! =]

Jurffy said...

Great stuff here.

laura zheng said...

i agree with jeff
never seen ur stuff before

Andrew O. Murray said...

Just noticing the comments..I kinda think the chest is fine..only reason I say that is that Supes is 95% of the time shown for having this over the top chest which makes him look stupid to me. When you break it down and pull away all the super steroid looking supermans you get a cool character who seems to be more believable as a person who can do extra-ordinary things.

Break the characters look down to the essentials and the rest will follow. keepin' it real.

just a thought thats all.