Saturday, April 19, 2008

Memory Lane

Here is a sample of my sketchbook from 4 years ago, when I had just finished Art Fundamentals @ Sheridan, and had been accepted into the BAAA for the first time. I had barely made it past the cut with my portfolio, scoring 1 mark above the cut off point, and I think that had I not made it in back then I would have quit drawing altogether. The room drawing, IS my room drawing from that portfolio!

Anyways, Im posting these up, because a friend of mine, Adam Hines, thought it would be cool if I showed stuff I did from the year him and I were in Fundies. I would heartily recommend the Art fundamentals program to anyone thinking about taking animation or illustration while in high school. The program kicked my ass, and I am ever so grateful, as it taught my peers and I, tons.


Taj said...

jealousss, How are you gonna keep busy during the summer dude?

Nathan Dickey said...

I think we have all come a long way since art fundamentals.. you got one more mark then me on that portfolio though hah.. I was sitting on the edge.

Andrew Murray said...

Yikes man,

Love that double page spread of Batman...Wow. lol Its nice to see youve improved.

Braden said...

Taj, I will probably just keep on keeping on. I'm working part time as a cook to pay the bills.

Nathan, I agree completely. Its amazing to see whats being produced by the people from that year these days. Great work abound.

Andrew, the Batman double spread was so bad I had to put it up! I couldn't deny others the pleasure of laughing at that. :D

Adam Pockaj said...

I love spidey's anatomy in the 3rd pic! Still way better than I was. I got 15 points below the cutoff. Take that, Nathan! If I didn't appeal, I'd probably be at Algonquin College right now.
But yeah, the improvements of everyone are pretty amazing. It's nice to see all that hard work and tuition is paying off. I for one, can't wait till september.

Chris Lee said... have guts to put up old works haha

nobunny said...

now i'm tempted to go to animation school just so they'll heckle me into being a non lazy artist.

King M. Mugabi said...

ha ha

-nelson from the simpsons